Beers On Tap

Great American Restaurants Pale Ale
(5.8%) 45 IBU: GABF Gold/World Beer Cup Silver/VA Beer Cup Silver Medals…A copper-colored Pale Ale/ESB, medium-bodied and balanced with a malty backbone and a fruity, dry-hopped finish.

Naked River Light
(4.3%) 10 IBU: Our classic light lager is golden in color and has a smooth finish from 100% German pilsner malted barley. Delicately crisp, balanced, and refreshing.

Buffalo Tooth's Double IPA
(8.1%) 73 IBU: Brewed with assertive Centennial hops and a caramel malt backbone...amber in color.

Helles Out Of Dodge Lager
(5.2%) 20 IBU: Munich-style classic “light” lager. Golden with a smooth, malty body and German hops.

Peacemaker Pale Ale
(5.1%) 25 IBU: An American Pale Ale brewed with cherries, displaying a bounty of fresh, hoppy aroma.

Red Tape Irish Red Ale
(5.0%) 23 IBU: Easy-drinking, malty, and fruity with candy apple sweetness and a medium body.

Rusty Roadrunner Lager
(5.5%) 24 IBU: VA Beer Cup Gold Medal…Munich Dunkel. Chocolate/caramel balance, garnet color.

Wit's End Ale
(5.5%) 11 IBU: 2x GABF Silver/1x GABF Bronze Medals...Classic Belgian Wit brewed with orange and coriander.

S'more Stout
Inspired by everyone's favorite campfire treat, this stout is brewed with real chocolate and served like a s'more.